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May 4, 2006



Considering that this my first ever blog and also considering the excellent writing skills I possess ;-), please ignore mistakes. Just Kidding.

Well, I got a chance to visit K.H.E.P (Koyna Hydro-Electric Project) in April 2006. One has to see it to believe it. Sitting in our houses we can never imagine what is the grandeur of this project. Its sheer importance to the overall development of Maharashtra, especially the western grid, should be understood.


It is one of the largest dams in Maharashtra, India. It is located in Koyna Nagar, nestled in the Western Ghats on the state highway between Chiplun  and Karad, Maharashtra. The dam supplies water to western Maharashtra as well as cheap hydroelectric power to the neighboring areas with a capacity of 1,920 MW. The Koyna project is actually composed of four dams, with the Koyna dam having the largest catchment area.

The catchment area dams the Koyna River and forms a huge lake — the Shivsagar lake whose length is 50 kilometers. Completed in 1963, it is one of the largest civil engineering projects commissioned after Indian independence. The Koyna electricity project is run by the Maharashtra State Electricity Board. Most of the generators are located in excavated caves a kilometer deep, inside the heart of the surrounding hills.



  • Storage:
    • Gross storage: 98.78 TMC
    • Live: 93.65 TMC
    • Dead: 5.125 TMC
  • Length: 807.22 m
  • Height: 85.35 m
  • Gates: 6 Nos.
  • Year of completion: 1963

How to reach there

Koyna Dam is located about 98 Kms. from Satara, Maharashtra, India.

Lets all salute this great symbol of Maharashtra!!!

Jai Hind!!! Jai Maharashtra!!!